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Donate to ASIDS

Are you thinking of donations to the needy people? Are you looking for right opportunities to contribute to voluntary programs in the region? Try our partner association “« ASIDS: Association IghfNigher pour le développement social >>

Your donation to our affiliate associationASIDSis invested directly into projects of sustainable development in the rural area of IghfNigher, Errachidia district, Southern East of Morocco.

Ways to donate:

Your donation can take many forms to reach different needy people

ASIDS receives both financial aids, different supplies such as clothes, schools supplies, solar panels, batteries, transportation means, water filters, domestic herds and animals, agriculture aid and consultancy,literacy classes, or even voluntary workdays if you are a civic-work loving person.

In case your donation is monetary, you can try bank transfer to ASIDS association’s account, give it by yourself to the association, or include the donated amount with your trip bill if you wish to.

Why should I donate?

Your donations will contribute to launch or develop development programs undertaken by our partner association, ASIDS.

How can I make sure my donations go to the right people or organization?

Your donation can be sent through two methods:  It can be transferred directly to our ASIDSassociation bank account or add it with your tour bill if you wish to. We can send you an invoice or proof showing your gifthas been wired to ASIDS association. The association can show you recipes and other documents showing how your donation has been spent.

In case you are donating, supplies mentioned above or others, you can mail them through postal services or any other international shipping services.

I will book a trip and I’d like to donate:

How to donate? Our travel clients can donate directly upon their trip reservation, or by contacting us. Donations amount starts from 5$ which is not included in your tour package, unless you confirm that. Should you need more information, hesitate not to contact us.

Targeted domains: Literacy programs, Agriculture and Farming, Handicrafts, Culture and Tourism, Nomadic life and others.

- ASIDS and Literacy programs:ASIDSassociation offers literacy programs for uneducated women and girls. This program focuses on the basic numeracy skills besides reading and writing skills.

- ASIDS for Health and Food emergency program: In association with other partners, theASIDS organizes annual emergency campaigns to supply nomads and semi-nomads living in impoverished environments throughout desert with medical care, food, solar panels and batteries for electricity, clean water, blankets and tents as well as medical treatment.

- ASIDS and Cultural programs: The association contributes to the organization of cultural events namely local festivals, shared wedding ceremonies, textile weaving and other handicrafts sustainability and preservation.

- ASIDS and Agricultural programs: During severe drought and hot seasons, ASIDS association strives for supporting local, small farmers to sustain and keep their land and harvest safe.


Targeted groups: Nomads, Semi-nomads, women, girls, children, and small peasants.


ASIDS forWomen and Girls: TheASIDS offers free literacy classes for illiterate womenwho didn’t have a chance to attend school sometime in the past. The aim of this literacy program is to teach these women basic skills as how to read and write, along with basic numerical and technology skills.

ASIDSassociation also supports young females who are in hardship situations such as orphans, homeless, widows, divorced, and jobless women and girls by means of setting up mini-projects, or sponsoring, or upgrading their own small-scale projects. It is crucial to note here that most women in the region are illiterate, jobless or housewives of small-farmers.

Along with literacy classes and sponsorship of small-scale project, ASIDS organization provides different types of consultancy assistance for women and girls who have either health problems or family-related problems.

ASIDS forChildren: In partnership with other national and international NGOs, ASIDS gives diverse levels of aid to both male and female kids who are in dare need of basic living necessities, educational scaffolding, or medical care. An example of this, is checking eyesight problems (which could hinder their learning at schools) and prescribe glasses and treatments) for deprived and needy children. Other levels of medicinalcampaigns for health diagnoses and free medicines are annually organized formarginalized children namely those who live as nomads or semi-nomads desert and marginalized villages. Besides medical campaigns, donations are given to deprived kids from schooling, shelter, healthy meals, clean and proper clothes.

ASIDSforNomads:In addition to medical treatment for women and their kids. ASIDS organizes annual emergency campaigns to supply nomads and semi-nomads living in impoverished environments throughout desert in Southern east Morocco with food, livestock during drought, solar panels and batteries for electricity, clean water, blankets and tents.

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