Sahara Desert Crew

Sahara Desert Tours from Marrakech, Fes & Casablanca!


SAHARA DESERT CREW welcomes our clients and visitors to discover the charm and magic of Morocco. During our trips, we make sure you have a comfortable and wonderful holiday and leave with unforgettable experiences and knowledge about this place. We would like you to join us as new member in our family, to share the Moroccan lifestyle, to see the beautiful sites, to taste Moroccan food, to be in contact with local people and families and to immerse in the rich culture.

We offer unique and flexible itineraries for trips all around morocco, be it in the imperial cities, the desert or around the coast, at very reasonable prices that includes transportation, bivouac and accommodation. Trips come with a private guide who has the knowledge and experience to recommend a variety of activities to satisfy the needs of any client such as fossils exploration, camel trekking, quad rides, visits to local Berber families and weekly markets.

We are Youssef?s family and residents of the desert. Our ancestors used to be nomads who moved around in search for food for their animals (camels, goats, donkeys?). As time passes, our family settled in a small village near the desert and Youssef went to school to learn how to read and write. He left school early on to help his father support his 3 brothers and 4 sisters by working in fields before and has been in tourism since 1999, as a camel rider, desert dune guide for tourists and now, a driver for tourists, organizing trips throughout Morocco, especially to the Sahara desert.

We are willing to show you around Morocco for you to experience it in on your own, so we encourage you to visit us and to join us in this magnificent trip.


We chose Sahara Desert Crew for a private tour based on the excellent reviews, and it was a wonderful experience. We got in touch with Youssef Yaacoubi to arrange the details via email. He was really helpful and patient with all our questions and requests. He was also reachable all the time by email and phone, and responded to our questions really quickly. See more

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